This Geoportal was designed and created as a spatial data infrastructure, which would allow access to the information generated through field studies.

The Geoportal:

  • provides an interactive visualization of the spatial data product of the project implementation;
  • allows interactive visualization of the additional spatial data auxiliary to the project – protected sites of the NATURA 2000 ecological network, protected areas according to the national legislations of Bulgaria and Greece;
  • allows easy use by non-professional users through an intuitive web based user interface;
  • enables search of spatial data and information available on the portal;

The spatial data created during the project implementation were systematized and adapted for the purposes of creating the portal. The data described below was chosen to test the portal’s functionality and support its creation. The process of filling the data in the portal environment will continue until the end of the project.

  1. Auxiliary layers related to the project theme:
    • spatial data for the NATURA 2000 ecological network for the project territory falling within the territorial coverage of Bulgaria and Greece;
    • protected areas under the national legislations of Bulgaria and Greece for the project territory;
  2. Boundaries of the polygons on the territories of Bulgaria and Greece which representing the project coverage;
  3. Models of the distribution of the habitats of the bat fauna in the project territory;
  4. Identified potential threats to the bat fauna in the scope of polygons under study.