Library of Studies

Joint Database with up-to-date  information for bats, habitats of bat species and threats within the  project area, incl. the results obtained from PB2 Aristotle
University, Thessaloniki.

The database can be downloaded at the following link:

BatsConserve Common DB.gdb

The file below contains an analysis of available data (including spatial) for bats in the project territory. The study was carried out in completion of Activitiy 1 from Work Package 3: “Collection of database on bats biodiversity” and includes data for both the Bulgarian and the Greek part of the project area.

Report on bats diversity (desk study)

Guidelines for bats' conservation

Within the project activities, three Guidelines for preservation of bats were published, covering three different types of areas: in agricultural lands, in forests, and in urban areas. The guidelines are available in English, Bulgarian and Greek and can be downloaded form the links below.

Guidebooks in English:

Agricultural lands


Urban areas

Guidebooks in Bulgarian:

Земеделски земи


Градска среда

Guidebooks in Greek:

Urban areas



A summary of field research and project progress by November 2018 can be found in the presentations below.

presentation_Greek team