The overall objective of the project is improvement of bat population (Chrioptera) along the bangs of Mesta (Nestos) River and caves in the region of Momchilgrad – Komotini through joint activities on conservation of significant bat habitats.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • Capitalized information on composition and state of bat populations along the bangs of Mesta (Nestos) River and part of the region of Momcholgrad – Komotini.
  • Conservation of bat habitats along the bangs of Mesta (Nestos) River and part of the region of Momchilgrad – Komotini.
  • Awareness among local people about importance of bat conservation and benefits of bats for people.

The project’s approach is based on research, assessments and taking integrated interventional and methodological measures for conservation of significant bat habitats, not only in NATURA 2000 sites, but also in surrounded areas. This approach guarantees an improved state of bats population in the cross border area and corresponds with the objectives of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece – Bulgaria 2014-2020 by implementing actions that create considerable added value in terms of species protection. These parts of NATURA 2000 sites, where measures are taken for improving bat habitats will contribute to the  Programme’s aim for better conservation status of habitats.

The target groups of the project include the population from both sides of the border, local governments and NGOs aimed at biodiversity conservation, land owners and land users, forestries and stakeholders.

Project outputs consist of the following:

  • Database on species composition and state of bats within the project area;
  • Map of bat habitats;
  • Two assessments on species diversity, activity and habitats of bats and potential threats and on favourable conservation status;
  • Placing of bat boxes;
  • Three Guidelines on bats conservation – in agro lands, in forests and in urban areas;
  • Six trainings on bats conservation for achieving awareness among farmers, forestries, local people and students.